Lenny Looks at the Heisman

College football season is winding to an end, and at weekly we’ve taken a peek back at the pac 10’s previous happenings. Now is the opportunity to anticipate just a bit and find out when we have a crystal ball to the large individual end-of-season trophy – the Heisman Trophy.

With conference e-sport cmd368  championship games and bowl games, it is often a difficult award to give out at early December. But back in 1974, many of the ballots had been received prior to USC’s Anthony Davis running rough shod over Notre Dame; as a result, the spectacular Archie Griffin won his first two Heismans. 2 Heismans could have paled compared with all the four that Beano Cook predicted for Irish QB Ron Powlus, but that is beside the purpose.

It’s 2005 now, with the advent of instant communication, Heisman voters have the opportunity to see players before very last possible moment before they ship their ballots in. Last season, USC’s Matt Leinart won the award, beating a solid cadre of runners up, and has been one of many favorites to its award going into the entire year.

While Leinart will still get a trip to New York and also a chance to show the most current in men’s fashion, he’s not planning to render with the hardware. Right now, it is a two-horse race involving Vince Young of Texas and incomparable RB Reggie Bush. Before Bush single handedly demolished Fresno State, I would have cast a ballot for Young. Today, it’s hard to state beyond a shadow of any doubt that the person they call VY is your very best in the country.

Moving into this weekend’s matches, I’d state that Bush gets got the best opportunity to generate hay while the sun shines. He plays with the reigning national champs, in a rivalry game that has made Heisman winners before. In 1968, O.J. Simpson ran a play called Red-23 Blast for 64 yards and the game-deciding touch down over the Bruins. Bush gets got the same opportunity today, although back in’68 the Juice ran to get the #2 team in the country (the Bruins were, during the moment, ranked first complete ). Search for the quick Bush to really have a massive game over the Bruins and definite a few votes on national television.

Young plays against a Colorado team that has been rotten down the stretch and was forged with a marginal Nebraska team. I do not see Gary Barnett getting a way to plot from this multifaceted Texas crime.

Actually, a perfect world would have a playoff system, however, I digress. At a perfect 2005 college football world, that’s what we would have. Until then, my vote will be to the person they call the President: Reggie Bush.

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